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SANDMEN Airsoft club was founded back in 2010, in Argyroupoli, Athens (Greece) and its activities are recognized by the Hellenic Authorities (7612/2010). The club is one of the first Airsoft Clubs in Greece and has a pioneering role in the study, research, development and proliferation of Airsoft in Greece. It is absolutely a non profitable organization, while it shares the knowledge and the experience that was accumulated all these years to everyone interested in Airsoft. Above all, we have set and we abide by the most rigorous safety standards and rules so that we can enjoy our games without jeopardizing any of the participants. Come and meet us in our offices in Argyroupoli (Militou St, 87) to talk with us, participate in our games and activities and meet the beautiful world of Airsoft and of course have a lot of FUN. Get in contact with us to join exciting, innovative and very realistic games and to exchange ideas on improving Airsoft!

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 Where to find us:


Militou 81, Argyroupoli

19:30 - 21:30


Το Σωματειο


Τι ειναι η αεροσφαιριση;

Κανονες αεροσφαιρισης

Τύποι παιχνιδιών αεροσφαίρισης


Προνομια Μελών 



S.A.N.D.M.EN. Airsoft Club

Militou 81, ΤΚ. 16451

email: info@airsoft.gr

Fax: 2109617035

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