SANDMEN Airsoft Club started as an idea of some friends and Airsoft supporters in Greece with the main scope to promote and further develop the Airsoft.

The main ambition is to contribute to the standardization and acknowledgement of Airsoft not only through our own actions but also inspiring other Airsoft players share our ideas. In addition, the establishment of an institutional body also allows the legal allocation of land and buildings for the purpose of conducting games and events without any legal impediment of ownership violation.

It is absolutely a non profitable club, with the main scope the study, standardization, development and proliferation of the knowledge and experience gained all these years. All our activities are conducted applying the most rigorous safety standards and rules so that we can enjoy our games without jeopardizing any of the participants.

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 Where to find us:


Militou 81, Argyroupoli

19:30 - 21:30


Το Σωματειο


Τι ειναι η αεροσφαιριση;

Κανονες αεροσφαιρισης

Τύποι παιχνιδιών αεροσφαίρισης


Προνομια Μελών 



S.A.N.D.M.EN. Airsoft Club

Militou 81, ΤΚ. 16451


Fax: 2109617035

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