In this section you can find special airsoft scenarios, which are more demanding than simple Sundaymatch games like capture the flag, etc.

Our club carries out these scenarios on regular basis, which can be closed (only members) or open (public invitation). In this way, we eliminate to the greatest extent any problems encountered in these scenarios and optimize them for the ultimate experience of the players.

Any club or group is free to use the texts for their own games. You are encouraged to contact us in order to get more information to share experience and more!

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 Where to find us:


Militou 81, Argyroupoli

19:30 - 21:30


Το Σωματειο


Τι ειναι η αεροσφαιριση;

Κανονες αεροσφαιρισης

Τύποι παιχνιδιών αεροσφαίρισης


Προνομια Μελών 



S.A.N.D.M.EN. Airsoft Club

Militou 81, ΤΚ. 16451


Fax: 2109617035

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